Increasing evidence reveals that diverse non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play critically important roles in viral infection. Viruses can use diverse ncRNAs to manipulate both cellular and viral gene expression to establish a host environment conducive to the completion of the viral life cycle. Hence, we have updated the ViRBase v2.0 database ( by integrating experimental and prediction interactions from manual literature curation and other resources under one common framework.

The new developments in ViRBase v2.1 include (i) expansion of the data sources and the coverage of species; (ii) providing a confidence score for each interaction; and (iii) an increase of species coverage to 119;(iv)adding the coronavirus related data including COVID-19,SARS,MERS and others.

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ViRBase: a resource for virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions. Nucleic Acids Research. 2015. 43 (D1): 578-582. Link to pubmed

What's new?

  COVID-19 related data is added.   A confidence score is added.   Coverage of species is increased.   Other databases are integrated.   The old version ViRBase 1.0.

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