Increasing evidence reveals that diverse non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play critically important roles in viral infection. Viruses can use diverse ncRNAs to manipulate both cellular and viral gene expression to establish a host environment conducive to completion of the viral life cycle. Many host cellular ncRNAs can also directly or indirectly influence viral replication and even target virus genomes. ViRBase ( aims to provide the scientific community with a resource for efficient browsing and visualization of virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions and interaction networks in viral infection. The current version of ViRBase documents more than 12000 viral and cellular ncRNA-associated interactions involving more than 460 non-redundant ncRNAs and 4400 protein-coding genes from between more than 60 viruses and 20 hosts. Users can query, browse and manipulate these virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions. ViRBase will be of help in uncovering the generic organizing principles of cellular virus-host ncRNA-associated interaction networks in viral infection.

How to Cite: Yanhui Li, Changliang Wang, Zhengqiang Miao, Xiaoman Bi... Dong Wang, et. al. ViRBase: a resource for virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions. Nucleic Acids Research. 2015, Jan. 43 (D1): 578-582. Link to pubmed


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