Keyword Search
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This section allows you to search RNA subcellular localization infromation in RNAlocate by keyword. And fuzzy search means users are able to obtain more result by streamlining input.

If you have trouble with searching, you can check the following tips.
1. Check spelling of your keyword.
2. Carefully select what you want to search: RNA symbol, RNA category, Organism, Subcellular location or Other ID
3. Remember, fuzzy search is executable only when the associated option has been choosen.
4. If you gained no results or too few results, you may search the substring of the keyword.

Path 1: dataset as RNA Symbol, eg. hsa-let-7b-3p.
Path 2: dataset as RNA Category, eg. miRNA.
Path 3: dataset as Subcelllular Localization, eg. nucleus.
Path 4: dataset as Organism, eg. Homo sapiens.
Path 5: dataset as other kinds of ID (miRBase ID or Entrez ID), you can use miRBase or Entrez ID for searching.

Note: More than 37,700 manually curated RNA subcellular localization entries have been documented in this database, associated with 9 RNA categories, 42 subcellular localizations and 65 organisms. For convenience, 5 datasets of keyword have been provided for searching and right selection of dataset for your keyword is the primary key to get right searching results.