Basic Download

RNALocate contains data for non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. If you are commercial user, please contact us.  


All RNA subcellular localization data (.txt):  
All RNA subcellular localization data (.xlsx):  
All RNA sequence(.fasta) (.rar):  


The data file we provided contains information of each entry arranged as following:

  • - RLID: unique identifier for the entry in RNALocate database
  • - ID: accession of miRBase/Entrez/Ensembl
  • - RNA Symbol: symbol from literature/miRBase/Entrez/Ensembl
  • - Link: link to miRBase/Entrez/Ensembl
  • - Aliase: aliase of the RNA
  • - RNA Category: category of the RNA
  • - Organism: organism name of the RNA
  • - PMID: pubmed id of the original literature
  • - Subcellular Localization: subcellular localization of the RNA
  • - Tissue: tissue of the entry
  • - Methods: detective method of the entry
  • - Description: original description of the entry obtained from literature