Transcriptomic analyses have revealed an unexpected complexity of the eukaryote transcriptome, including not only protein-coding RNAs but also an expanding catalog of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). These coding and non-coding RNAs are more than just messengers between genes and proteins, and function through interaction with each other in various cellular processes, such as developmental timing, fat metabolism and cell death. More and more biologists begin to explore their function and the RNA-associated crosstalk, RNA-RNA and RNA-Protein interactions. However, to our knowledge, there is no database collecting data on RNA-associated (RNA-RNA/RNA-Protein) interaction relationships up to now. Thus, we have developed RAID(, a comprehensive RNA-associated (RNA-RNA/RNA-Protein) interaction database by manually reading literatures. Users can query, analyze and manipulate RNA-associated (RNA-RNA/RNA-Protein) interaction for any RNA and Protein symbol. In addition, user can query the predicted binding sites for RNA-associated (RNA-RNA/RNA-Protein) interactions.

How to Cite: Xiaomeng Zhang, Deng Wu, Liqun Chen, ... Dong Wang, RAID : a comprehensive resource for human RNA-associated(RNA-RNA/RNA-Protein) interaction. RNA. 2014. Jul;20(7):989-93. Link to pubmed